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Storage pouches for Harley Davidson® touring motorcycles. Organize your saddlebags so important seldom used items are carried

The purpose of this product is to organize the saddlebags so important items which are necessary to carry on the bike but are seldom used

Saddlebag Gun Holster Kit

“Weekender” for Tour Pak

“Caddysack” Saddlebag Tether

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Other Cool Biker Stuff

Other Cool Bagger Stuff

Motorcycle/ATV Tire Repair Kit

Mini Air Compressor

Mini Air Compressor

Necessity is the
Mother of Invention?

Innovative Storage Solutions is in existence precisely for that reason.

Touring riders have long struggled with the dilemma of what to carry, besides all the gear your buddy with the non-touring bike can’t! Packing all of the necessary items meant overflowing saddlebags. After several thousand miles of long distance riding, the idea struck me one day while trying to organize the bags.

Five years and 50,000 miles later, the original “It’s In The Bag” pouches still live in those same saddlebags in great condition. Since the release of our first product, we have developed several other items, including “Weekender” saddlebag suitcases and “Caddy Sack” replacement tethers. We also carry a number of other items designed for the touring rider.

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What makes these Storage Pouches so useful?

We pride ourselves in staying one step ahead of the Touring Bike Industry by constantly introducing clever new products designed to make Touring Bike Enthusiast’s experience easier and more enjoyable.

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