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The first and only of its kind, our saddlebag gun holster kit consists of three pieces: docking station, concealed carry (waistband) gun holster and a larger diameter dzus pin washer. It’s design allows the rider to carry their firearm at all times where permitted, but return it to the docking station where it can be locked safely where dictated by law. Always check local laws when carrying outside your concealed carry permit area. Questions on Size?  See Size Examples

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    • Saddlebag Magazine Holder


      Designed to be mounted in your saddlebag. Keeps magazines safe when not installed in your handgun. Also keeps the rider legal when the law requires your weapon and ammunition be locked in separate compartments. Always check local laws when carrying your firearm outside your concealed permit area. Holds up to standard .45 double stack magazines.

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Left Holster Kit rides in the Right Saddlebag & can be worn:

  • Inside Left Hip
  • Outside Right Hip
  • Small of back with a right handed draw

Right Holster Kit rides in the Left Saddlebag & can be worn:

  • Inside Right Hip
  • Ouside Left Hip
  • Small of back with a left handed draw

The location of the docking station allows for unencumbered use of your bag because resides in an area of the saddlebag not normally used. The holsters are made of soft, but durable, leather for comfort and riveted at the two corner pressure points so the stitching will never separate even if the same holster is used for two different weapons. Used in conjunction with our magazine pouch, it allows the rider to have ammunition and pistol locked and separated in two different compartments. Installs in seconds and comes in three sizes to accommodate small, medium and large frame handguns.
This unique kit is designed for individuals who carry handguns and ride HD touring model motorcycles. The docking plate (which is left or right specific) is mounted inside the saddlebag forward of the shock absorberhump but can be installed in the rear location if desired. It is held in place by the stock HD twist pin (dzus fastener) that attaches your saddlebag to your motorcycle. The new and slightly larger diameter washer provided with your kit will replace your original one.


To install, remove the twist pin and change the washers over. Lay the docking plate’s 1 inch diameter hole over the rubber grommet and make sure it is fully seated over the grommet. The inside (plastic side) of your docking plate should be hard up against of your saddlebag. Then simply re install the twist pin in the usual fashion. You will know if the grommet is fully installed through the docking plate hole as it will be flush with the leather side of the docking plate ensuring that your twist is the correct length.Your holster has a universal size clip on the back designed to snuggly fit leather receptacle sewn onto leather side of your docking plate. It is recommended that you place your fingers into your new holster and over a period of a few hours, insert and remove the holster to the docking plate as to stretch the leather receptacle enough to provide a tight but smooth action. This is best done prior to installing the docking plate in your saddlebag. Over time the leather will work in very nicely.

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1 review for Saddlebag Gun Holster Kit

  1. Brad D. Hardiman

    I’ve had my Saddlebag Holster for 7 or 8 years now and I am completely satisfied. The Holster and Docking Plate are vary well made. I routinely carry a Springfield XDS 45ACP with an extended magazine. I was initially concerned that the weight of the loaded gun might eventually cause the holster to sag and/or get loose, but even with thousands of miles, the gun still fits perfectly and is held securely. Another advantage is the gun can be reached while seated on the bike. I highly recommend this Saddlebag Gun Holster Kit for anyone that rides and carries.

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