“Weekender” Tour Pack Suitcase


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Our “Weekender” tour pack suitcases offer a number of options for riders that a large single bag won’t. Although sold as singles, the rider can stack two in a King Tour Pack which equals the volume of the typical large bag, but in a much more manageable form. Each person has their own suitcase rather than both parties clothes mixed together. Each bag is large but easy to carry unlike the heavy and bulky single bag. If you ride with a “chopped” or a “razor” tourpack, a single “Weekender” bag is the perfect choice for your travel needs. You can even bungee one on your tour pack lid rack, keep one inside giving you the same total volume as the bulky large single bag which may have come with your bike but now you have several inches between the top of the “Weekend” and the inside of your tour pack lid. This great for shopping or storing your leather jackets, half helmets etc. and you can still close your tour pack lid which you cannot do with the large single bag.

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