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Innovative Storage Solutions prides itself in being the leader in functional, durable Bagger products for your bike. We have set a goal of producing at least two unique products per year with the rider’s comfort and security in mind.

About Us

Touring riders have long struggled with the dilemma of what to carry, besides all the gear your buddy with the non-touring bike can’t! Packing all of the necessary items meant overflowing saddlebags.

After several thousand miles of long distance riding, the idea struck me one day while trying to organize the bags. Five years and 50,000 miles later, the original “It’s In The Bag” pouches still live in those same saddlebags in great condition. Since the release of our first product, we have developed several other items, including “Weekender” saddlebag suitcases and “Caddy Sack” replacement tethers.

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For support or sales questions please email us at storagepouches@gmail.com or call us